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Electric cordless mowers are the latest technology to keep your lawn clean. These mowers work on Li-ion batteries. The mowers are designed to make your lawn greener as they’re totally eco-friendly. These mowers work on electricity only and require no fuel, hence there’s no black smoke coming out of them.

The e-mowers

Over recent years, every industry has been indulged with electronic gadgets. Now, your grass cutters have gone electric too. Earlier installations of electric mowers saw them come with a cable that made them hard to use with limited mobility allowed. The cords or cable often require maintenance because of cuts or loose socket.

These problems urged the developers to come up with a better eco-friendly substitute of lawn mowers. The cordless electric glasscutters as the name suggest do not have a cord and run on chargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Benefits of cordless e-mowers

These devices have been widely used ever since their inception. People are going crazy for cordless mowers and for all good reasons. Listed below are the few benefits these mowers provide

  • Eco-friendly Gadget
  • Less Noisy
  • Smooth to work with
  • Require low maintenance
  • Unlimited mobility
  • One-time investment

Eco-friendly Gadget

The device works with a powerful battery which can be re-charged. Unlike the classic mowers that require fuel and emit polluted black smoke, the electric mowers are totally environment-friendly.

Less Noisy

The electric grass cutters work very quietly, you hear nothing but the sound of grass cut by the blades. The older electric version that runs with fuel and heavy motors are too noisy for use. With battery powered devices, that problem has been removed once and for all.

Smart Investment

However, people may argue that traditional mowers are a bit cheaper than their modern electric alternatives. But, in the long run, the electric devices are a smart and cheap investment. Unlike with the previous models, these models do not require any costly fuel and regular investment. They come with a chargeable battery which is very energy-efficient. A few energy-saving models have been launched recently.

Easy to work with

Compared with the fuel-run grass cutter that requires a lot of manpower to give productive results, the electric version is so smooth. It comes with powerful sharper blades and need not be pushed hard all the time. Also, being cordless, the devices can be easy and useful for transporting the cordless lawn mower without worrying about the wires and plugs.

Low maintenance required

The earlier installations with cables used to break down frequently because let’s face it, longer the wire, more the troubles. These cordless gadgets do not face such problems and are easier to clean than the traditional fuel-run counterparts.

The best cordless e-mowers

Given the instant success of these devices, a number of big manufacturers have launched topnotch models of cordless electric glasscutters. Here are few of the best options available in the market for you to keep your lawn clean and green.

  1. Greenworks Pro, 80 Volts 21-inch cordless Mowers
  2. Kobalt 80 Volts 21-inch Mower
  3. EGO LM2102SP 56 Volts Mower
  4. Earthwise 20 inch Electric Mower
  5. Black & Decker 40 Volts Cordless Mower

These models are among the best electric mowers with their powerful performance and energy-saving features.

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