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Rv Trip

An RV trip sounds like a great time. A house on wheels that has all the necessities that can go anywhere as long as there is a road. As with anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to travelling in an RV. So here are some things you should definitely know before purchasing/renting an RV.


1. We all know that grocery shopping is much more cost-effective compared to eating at a restaurant. When you are travelling it can get extremely difficult to cook especially for a whole family but now you can in an RV which can yield cheaper and healthier food.

2. Hotels are expensive and require prior planning but with an RV you can drive into a parking lot and you have yourself a bed to get a good night’s rest. The seats are also much more comfortable than a regular car.

3. Unlike cars, you don’t have to find a gas station to go to the bathroom. RV’s come with a bathroom that you can fill up with all the necessary things you need.

4. Usually travelling is just looking out the window and doing nothing for everyone except the driver. This is a huge waste of time. In an RV, passengers can do anything they want from completing school work, playing card games to painting and drawing.

5. You finally don’t have to worry about luggage space in an RV. You can bring how much ever luggage you want and still have everything fit.

6. RV’s have built-in outlets to charge your electronics to make sure that everything is powered up at all times.


1. No WIFI
In today’s world, WIFI is something that we can’t live without and public WIFI is always terrible to use. But unless you have one of those WIFI hotspots (which also don’t work all the times because of service issues) you will have to live your trip without the internet which does not sound like a good idea to everyone.

2. Finding a place to stay for the night might prove difficult than once thought. Finding a hotel is an easy task with plenty of help from the internet at your fingertips. But finding campsites are much more of an ordeal. They are often not clearly marked on maps and are almost always outside town. There is always the backup option of finding an empty parking lot at a grocery store like Walmart.

3. RV’s are big and hence are difficult to manoeuvre around, especially during parking in cities. It is almost impossible to parallel park and when parking inside a grocery store, you should park away from the building as a courtesy to avoid congestions.

4. Gas mileage on a RV leaves much to be desired. But granted they are much bigger than your regular car and have a lot of extra features that a regular car does not have, in the long run, they will up costing more on fuel than a regular car.

5. It can be difficult getting to know the working of a RV initially as there are a lot of things to keep in mind like the water levels and the removal of sewage from time to time. This can take a while to get used to and you can hire outside help you take care of it but it still takes effort.

In the end, the advantages far outweighs the disadvantages and a RV trip can be the perfect getaway for anyone.

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